Toughness test: Quadropod+Clamp and GorillaPod+GripTight vs BMW M3

Unlike other tripods for smartphones available on the market that are made from commodity plastics, Keizus Quadropod+Clamp is made from engineering plastic.

To show the difference we conducted a simple test – run over Quadropod and GorillaPod by BMW M3 that weighs about 2 tonnes. We had two rounds: first round was run over at slow speed and second round was extreme full throttle destroyer.

Check out this video to see the full experiment:

Quadropod plus Clamp vs BMW

Quadropod+Clamp chilling out after Round 1

Tripod toughness test

Sole Survivor after Round 2

Revolutionary tripod adaptor Keizus Quadropod + Clamp is a tripod-mount-like accessory for Galaxy, iPhone and iPad devices that resembles the human body with an unlimited number of positions