Toughness test

To show the difference in quality of plastic used for manufacturing Keizus Quadropod+Clamp we conducted simple test – run over Quadropod and GorillaPod by BMW M3 that weighs 2 tons.

We had two rounds: first round was run over at slow speed and second round was extreme full throttle destroyer.

Click here to see the results


Take perfect self-portraits

Don’t rely on strangers to take your self-portrait shot with your camera. Use the Timer in your camera, Quadropod+Clamp plus nearby objects like branches, benches, fences or even ground to get your perfect picture.

Short video tutorial for smartphone self-picture taking


Make fun and creative timelapses

Time-lapse photography is an amazing combination of photo and video that allows to reveal how subtle processes unfold in very compressed time frame. You can capture and share the birth of flower, sunset, cloud movement. The length of final clip can be 10-20 seconds – but it will be real art.

Here is our quick video that shows how we captured time-lapse


Keizus Clamp

Universal Tripod Adapter for Smartphones

Keizus Clamp is a universal tripod adapter for most smartphones and tablets with thickness from 7 to 13mm. This range covers most modern devices with or without the case. Keizus Clamp is very compact and light-weight. Clamp has 1/4”-20 thread size which is universal for tripods.

Check out our quick tripod tutorial


Use it in your car

Get creative and use the Quadropod+Clamp in the car using your phone as GPS or dash camera under your rear-view mirror. Or use it as a tablet holder at your back seat.

Check out our car usage video here


Filming Mountain Biking

You can mount Keizus Quadropod almost anywhere to get stable shots or unusual angles.

To make this point we went to Canadian woods and tried to film our mountain bike ride using iPhone 5 camera mounted on Quadropod+Clamp.

See what happened